Useful Rattan Furniture

Posted on August 12, 2010

Sometimes wicker furniture especially made from rattan consider as old fashioned furniture. Thus rattan is less popular then wood. Recently, which is related to the green design theme, rattan is the perfect material for furniture. Don’t ever think for the old fashioned wicker chairs, you will be surprised when you see the varied enormously designs of the wicker furniture. Available in a variety of functions ranging from dining chair, coffee table, sofa, while bar stool, rattan can be perfect for indoor furniture particular in minimalist and modern style.

Do not worried for being out of dated when using wicker furniture. Currently, wicker furniture or rattan furniture design is no less attractive than wood furniture. Even rattan can be processed into varied shape and models as it is very elastic. The rattan material is used ranging from its sticks to woven leather, as well available in varied finishing from natural to colored finishing.

Rattan is widely distributed in several regions in Indonesia. Currently, Indonesia supplied 70% of the world rattan needs. It is actually quite dangerous because Indonesia supply rattan in raw material, not in the form of finished products. Furthermore, rattan is produced by different manufacturers throughout the world

There are some reasons why rattan is used as an alternative.  Wood has become very valuable things this time and a significant reduction in its use. Valuable legal wood is very expensive, while the use of illegal wood is as they contribute to increasing global warming. Compare to wood, rattan is very elastic and easy to produce, and wood has little flexibility. All parts of rattan can be used, unlike of wood utilization is limited.