Nature Rattan

Rattan is always enticing to explore, a natural material that the tropics and subtropics countries are familiar with. In many rattan producing countries, rattan has been transformed into furniture products which are both useful and fascinatingly beautiful. As one of the solid creeping plants, rattan is blessed with such characteristics make it ideal as material for abundance of furniture in the today’s market and taste. Nature rattan is sturdy, weightless, and can endure till years, and the most important of all, rattan can be fashionably made with the other material, such as wickers, cane, leather, iron, sea-grass, water hyacinth, and many more.

Nature rattan enables it to generate maximum curved lines, providing supple and strong straps to finally make it easier to be shaped into beautiful furniture. Nature rattan material is not only sturdy but also provides a unique impression to each piece of furniture. Apart from the fact that nature rattan is extremely durable, our nature rattan furniture is also made with emphasizing the functionality aspect. Moreover the furniture is accentuated by brilliant design and the elegance which many homeowners could see from its seamless finishes and details. Last but not least, our nature rattan furniture is all about artistic creation instead of about the market.

Nowadays, nature rattan is designed with modern approach and contemporary vibe in mind. The skillful and thoughtful artisans have been carefully and meticulously weaving the nature rattan into wide range of products from chairs, loungers, drawers, stools, tables, and abundance of home accessories anyone will adore. The exploration in design has been continuously doing to act in accordance with the demands of the customers. As one of the most important sources of material in many countries, rattan also gives an essential contribution in international furniture trading. Therefore, speaking about rattan is not about home decoration, but also about craftsmanship efforts and beyond.