How to Maintain Rattan Furniture?

Posted on August 5, 2010

Wicker furniture has classical style thus it will everlasting, even though now wicker furniture were made in varied material. The prices of wicker furniture or rattan furniture are not as expensive as the wood furniture, but these kinds of furniture strength either. Chair or a table of rattan furniture  is more lightweight and simple, thus it is easily to place and move from one room to another.

However, there are some things to consider in maintaining it thus wicker furniture or rattan furniture is more durable:

  • Clean once a week. Simply use a dry cloth to remove dust. Do not use chemicals, as this could damage the cane.
  • To clean the dust and stain inside the woven, wash it with detergent. Use more water in the soap liquid thus should not be too thick. Then, clean with a dry cloth. This can be done every 1 month.
  • To keep the beautiful appearance, it is able to paint when the color fades away.
  • Place rattan furniture or wicker furniture in places that are not exposed to rain and direct sunlight. This can make it become faded, and dry thus easily damaged.
  • To avoid termites, you can use a mixture of camphor (mothballs) and kerosene. Spray the liquid on the rattan, or enter in the holes made by termites in your wicker furniture.

Of course, it will keep the furniture durable also beautify the space in your home.