Is Wicker Furniture Durable?

Posted on July 29, 2010

Wicker furniture is weather resistant in nature, although it is but not in all weather condition thus it takes precautions to prevent weather damage. To prevent it do not leave wicker furniture in direct sunlight for in the long term, and avoid putting the wicker furniture in the place where it will be exposed to heat or rain.

When it is not being used or during the winter or autumn, the pads and cushions should be stored inside your home or the garage. If there is enough space, as well move the furniture itself inside. However if it is not possible, covering the furniture with a tarp or other protective cover and put it in a spot outside where it is sheltered somewhat from the worst of winter weather.

wicker furniture

Nonetheless wicker is more durable than you might think. Wicker itself is describing any product that is made by weaving together stems or vines. Wicker furniture usually made of rattan, or other natural fiber such as made from hyacinth. Rattan, even though is a non-wood material, it strong and durable for furniture. Nowadays, there is new development of rattan furniture. In fact, the rattan vine is extremely strong because it is filled with fibers running the length of the vine. This gives it great strength and flexibility, much like a multistrand coaxial cable. Because the internal fibers are flexible, the vine can be bent and woven into many different shapes. And because the internal fibers are strong, they will not splinter or break during the bending and weaving process.