Kunshan Convention & Exhibition Centre, Jiangsu Province, China
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Market information
1. China is the largest exporting country and the second largest importing country in the world.In 2010, the total import and export volume of China reached 2972.76 billion US dollars, with an annual increase of 34.7%;export volume reached 1577.93 billion US dollars, with an annual increase of 31.3%; import volume reached 1394.83 billion US dollars, with an annual increase of 38.7%; favorable balance of trade reached 183.1 billion US dollars;  In 2010, China’s total retails of consumer goods reached 2377.7 billion US dollars, a YOY increase of 18.4%.China’s consumption of luxury goods accounted for over 20% of the global market. In 2010, China’s import of mechanical and electrical products reached 660.31 billion US dollars, a YOY increase of 34.4%;China’s import of high-tech products reached 412.67 billion US dollars, a YOY increase of 33.2%.

2. In the “twelfth-five-year-plan” period, China will try to meet its domestic demand of economic restructuring and industrial upgrading by “changing the means of foreign-trade development”, expand the import of its advanced technology and equipment, key parts and components, material in shortage,new energy and energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products, consumer goods and medical equipment, and expand the import from the members of free trade zones, countries with a big unfavorable balance of trade and the least developed countries.

3. As one of the six largest urban circles in the world, the greater Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle including such cities as Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo and Nanjing is the largest economic circle in China, with a total economic volume accounting for 20% of China’s GDP, and an annual growth rate far higher than China’s average level. Its total volume of import and export of foreign trade accounts for more than 40% of China’s total. Both its financial revenue and gross retail sales of consumer goods rank the first in China..

Who to exhibit
This expo will mainly exhibit those products and technologies in the key fields in which have great demands in Chinese market in the following five years.

Sector 1 Advanced technology and equipment
Metal-cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, nontraditional machining tools and equipment, testing and measuring equipment, numerical control system and equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, rail transport technologies and equipment, digital display devices and machine-tool electrical appliance, machine tool parts and components and auxiliary equipment, abrasive material and tools and technologies, cutters, clamping apparatus and relevant products, etc.

Sector 2 Information Technology
Communication and networking products, industrial automation information technology and software, integrated circuit and electronic components, information safety, power sources and relevant products, e-commerce, high-performance computer software and hardware, new-type displays, latest digital communication equipment, sensor and technology and other relevant products, display and audio-visual products, safety monitoring equipment, electronic manufacturing equipment, etc.

Sector 3 Environmentally-friendly technology equipment, new materials and other high-tech products
The technology and equipment for processing and recycling wastes, the technology and equipment for processing water, the technology and equipment for saving energy, and the technology and equipment for preventing and controlling air pollution, new-energy technology and equipment, and the technology and equipment for the comprehensive utilization in the recycled economy and resource regeneration, etc. the equipment and technology of material production; new material and composite material; new-energy material; chemical and macromolecular new material, electronic information material, etc. other high-tech products.

Sector 4 Brand consumer goods:
Various types of brand Agri, cosmetics, costumes, Food, Furniture,  jewellery, timekeepers, gifts, wines, etc.

Visitor Organization
1. Visitor organization
Spectator organization is critical for the Expo to achieve effective transaction. The organizing committee will make full use of the advantage of its organizer authority to implement the organization and invitation of professional spectators to this Expo through various channels and networks.It is expected that this Expo will draw a crowd of approximately 150,000 professional spectators.

2. Primary Approaches for Inviting Spectators to China International Imported Products Expo

Approach 1 – Government’s industrial management departments: Organizing persons in charge of local industrial management departments for industries such as communication, environmental protection, science and technology, and energy, and project management and R&D personnel for participation and exchange.

Approach 2 – Organized by business departments: Extensively organizing various types of import and export companies, trading companies, distributors, wholesalers and retailers through their local business systems for participation, negotiation and procurement.

Approach 3 – Systematically organized by China Chamber of International Commerce:Extensively organizing respective representatives of member enterprises through intermediary institutes such as local international chambers of commerce, import and export chambers of commerce, and industrial associations for participation and negotiation.

Approach 4 – Organize to hold special investment promotion activities:Organizing various special promotion activities for investment in key areas with good industrial foundation, concentrated import enterprises and large import demand for centralized invitation of organizations.

Approach 5 – Invite via Expo information platform: Extensively disseminating Expo information through the professional Expo website and various social message interaction platform websites to create Expo atmosphere for promotion and invitation to potential spectators.

Approach 6 – Invite professional spectators via nearly 80,000 matching databases:One-on-one mailing of invitations, participation coupons, and invitation by phone through professional spectator database to invite organizations.

Approach 7 – Vigorously conduct publicity campaigns and organizations with assistance from various types of  advertising media within the community:Organizer invests significant amount of advertising expenses to conduct extensive propaganda, expand the influence, and attract different kinds of spectators.

Approach 8 – Collect import trends of domestic importers and information of exhibitors and exhibits in advance,Propose key requirements for customers of key domestic import enterprises through docking supply and demand information in advance.

Approach 9 – Provide preferential treatment to key customers of import: Organizer will provide complimentary accommodation, meal and transport arrangement in Kunshan to key customers with intention of Import.

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