Import of furniture in Russia has grown faster than production

According to AMIKO consulting company, the import volume of furniture in Russia in 2010 has made more than $2 billion in monetary terms. This is 37% more than in 2009. In the period of 2005-2008 the import volume was also growing rapidly (not less than 30% per year).

The volume of Russian furniture production is also impressive – in 2010 it has made more than 89,5 billion rubles according to manufacturers’ prices. It’s 8 % more than in 2009. Thus, furniture import has grown much faster than production.

Source: “RBC. Market Research”

The Mebel International Exhibition ranks among the world’s major furniture salons by its size and commercial results, and every year confirms the status of the largest trade show in Russia and Eastern Europe. Over 35 years of its existence (the first edition was held in 1974) Mebel Exhibition maintains the lead as one of priority exhibitions for the furniture industry. Mebel Expo occupies about 85,00 sqm (gross) and keeps growing. This is one of the key projects for foreign manufacturers that enable them to develop business in Russia.

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