Indonesia in the last four years (2007-2010) was known to be Hungary’s biggest rattan furniture supplier. Head of the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center in Budapest told the National Agency for Export Development of the Industry and Trade Ministry Wednesday that Hungarian importers have become increasingly informed about Indonesian rattan furniture.
Hungary has stopped importing rattan from Germany, Austria and Taiwan, and increasingly relied on Indonesia for rattan furniture.

In 2005, Indonesia was still Hungary’s third biggest supplier after Romania and Germany, and in 2006 second only to Germany.
But from 2007 to 2010, Indonesia was on top of the list of suppliers of rattan furniture to Eastern Europe, followed by Malaysia, Austria, Vietnam, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

According to Hungary’s statistics, Hungary’s rattan furniture imports have increased from 25.22 million US dollars in 2005 to 60.86 million dollars in 2006, and further to 202.51 million dollars in 2007, and to 599.62 million dollars in 2008.
The imports in 2009 declined to 551.51 million dollars and in 2010 increased to 642.04 million dollars.
Indonesia in 2005 secured 16.86 percent of the rattan furniture market in Hungary, 14.04 percent in 2006, 24.90 percent in 2007, 38.04 percent in 2008, 47.39 percent in 2009 and 57.47 percent in 2010.

In the meantime, Hungary’s total imports in the last six years reached a record high in 1994 amounting to 1.58 billion dollars, dropped to 1.16 billion dollars in 2009, and further down to 1.12 billion dollars in 2010.
The decline was caused by increased inflation of the Hungarian currency. In 2009, the inflation reached 28.8 percent, and in 2010 dropped to 23.6 percent.