Wicker Furniture As An Alternative

Posted on July 22, 2010

Indonesia as one of the tropical country store a variety of natural wealth which is priceless. Many plants can grow rapidly because rain falls throughout the year. But this wealth has increasingly scarce due to the large consumption is not accompanied by an update again. One of them is wood. Wood has been so important because of its use. Each increase in the population will also increase the human needs of the House. It also means will be increasing consumption of wood, either as a building material, as well as furniture.

Today many people are looking for an alternative to wood as part of environmental campaigns to save forests. We can start by trying to minimize the use of wood in the house, which is usually used to be material of home furniture. Nowadays, furniture entrepreneurs have developed furniture with the use of plant fiber which is called wicker furniture. Mostly, wicker furniture made by the tropical forest plants such as rattan, banana fiber, water hyacinth, and various types of palm plants.

Many people say that wicker furniture is less demand because there is an impression that the furniture made from rattan or wicker from plants like water hyacinth furniture is cheap. But with many innovations from the craftsman, now wicker furniture can be paralleled with wooden furniture. With many models and good installation techniques, wicker furniture is no less strong and beautiful than wooden furniture. Wicker furniture also environmentally friendly because the plants are grows throughout the year so that the supply is abundant.