Why Wicker?

Posted on July 14, 2010

Wood furniture is the most commonly used by people. However other kind of furniture such as wicker furniture is also a popular choice among all kinds of furniture particular in outdoor furniture. The word “Wicker” refers to the method by which the furniture is made. Commonly wicker made from rattan, which is a plant found in the rainforests of South-East Asia and rattan is included in the category of non-wood materials. Unlike bamboo that also non-wood product, rattan is very hollow. Material from bamboo either wood is mostly solid thus is not suitable for wicker furniture.

How to make this beautiful garden set made from wicker? As mentioned before that the characteristic of rattan is simple curved and formed thus rattan furniture has variety in design. This material can be steamed and bent into place. The material hardens when it has cooled, and finer pieces are woven into the frame.

Of course, all kinds of material have the advantages and disadvantages, including wicker furniture. Style and variety is a reason why people choose it as many store offers wide ranges of wicker furniture either used as indoors and outdoors. And these styles are suitable for both traditional and modern furniture, thus people easy to mix and match it. Another benefit that cannot be found in other materials is light. Rattan is a light wears material. Moreover, rattan is fast growing and sustainable.

Certainly there are some disadvantages of it. As it needs more production process than wood furniture, therefore the price is higher than wood material especially for finely woven wicker furniture. And be careful when use it as outdoor furniture as it is not stand up well to bad weather, so it will need extra treatment for outdoors.