Tips for Export Marketing

Posted on March 31, 2010

Every business needs more business…
but most people don’t use all the opportunities that are available …!

Every Export Business has the potential for a Global Market.
The INTERNET  has made it possible for every Business to have Customers in Global Market.

Stay Upfront..Stay Highlighted…Just Advertising……Let the Buyers know..!

Every business needs strategies for winning new clients through
creative Advertising and Promotion activities of your business that can attract new customers…!

I.  Some Facts about EXPORT BUSINESS

1. Any Export Business owner looking to Expand his Business or find New  Customers in
Global  Market.
2. Every Business has the potential for Global Market, the Internet made it possible.
3. Finding Customers is really to be the most difficult thing in Export Business, But technology
has changed it all.
4. The more people you promote your Products, the More Sales you are likely to make.
5. Any Export Business requires proper marketing to sell its products.

II.  What is Export Marketing..?

1. In any Business, Once goods and Services are produced they do not
remain with in the Company for a long.  this is where Marketing is necessary.
2. They need to be promoted and Sold in order to generate income for the Company.
3. The Business cycle starts with Production, Marketing, Sales.

III.  What is the Importance of Export Marketing…?

1. Marketing is important Because marketing drives the Sales of the products of a Company.
2. Marketing of Products and Services are made easier by Today’s technology particularly
the Internet.
3. Internet make things easier for people to Communicate, Transact Business anywhere in
the World.
4. The Internet makes transfer of information faster and easier.

IV.  What are the ways to Market your products to Importers …?

1. Participating in Trade Fairs.
2. Advertising in B2B portals.
3. Having Business Associates in other Countries.
4. Direct Marketing .

V.  What is the Best way to Advertise your Products to Global Buyers..?
1. Big Companies can afford to participate in Trade Fairs in Other Countries.
2. They can appoint Business Associates to promote their products in other Countries.
3. But Small and Medium sized Export Companies cannot afford to either.
4. So Direct Marketing is the Best suitable marketing technique particulalry for Small and Medium Sized Companies.

1. Direct Mail Marketing is oftenly called Directmarketing.
It is a marketing method the mail (snail mail, Courier, E-mail) is directly send to the Prospective Buyers.

2. Direct E-mail Marketing means sending a Sales Letter by E-mail to Importers those
who are intended to by your products.

3. Direct E-mail Marketing is one of the most effective way of Marketing that is popularly
implemented by many companies in the World Today.

4. Direct E-mail Marketing is the Best and most Effective way of reaching
and convincing Importers to Buy your Products.

5. Direct Marketing is popular because sending e-mail is much Cheaper than most
other forms of Communication (either Courier or Fax)

6. Active involvement of the Buyers, it means the act of opening the E-mail and reading it

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