Safe and Healthy Wicker Furniture

Posted on September 3, 2010

Choose the appropriate dining chair is not as simple as we thought, although it looks as an easy thing to do. Since the right chair enables to provide comfort when sit either our health. We consider chair as a seating facility for any kinds of activities, from study, work, eat even when we have a leisure time. Anyway the function is clearly to accommodate us when have an activity while sit.

Some of us might have less attention to the function of each type of chair. As known, each type of chair has its own function regards on the shape and size. Of course, it relates to the activities undertaken. The most important thing is the function in accordance to the needs not the appearance and looks.

For dinner, a chair with back straight is suggested for dining chair. Do not choose the chair with too soft holder as the more comfortable seat, our position are worsened when sitting. In fact, it would tend to bend back. It is certainly a bad influence as the spine is able to curve more.

It needs to consider the ergonomics aspect as it worth for the health and safe. For a good and safe dining chair, the inclination degree between the seat and back is approximately 50-10 degrees. Whether you are not sure about the exact number of its degree, just try it before you buy it. If it enables to sit on it comfortably without affecting the posture, which means it is an ergonomic chair. In the present time, there wide ranges of furniture selection that made in accordance to the ergonomics aspect, such as wicker furniture, which made in various designs for dining chair. Choose a chair, which made deliberately without the foam is safer. For example, dining chair made of wood or wicker, as mentioned before, such as rattan furniture.