Rattan Furniture Stain Cleaning

Posted on November 26, 2012

The trend of modern and minimalist style for living place can be found widely everywhere but it does not mean that people will leave the furniture which is able to provide them with beauty and also comfort although it is made from the natural material. Among various kinds of furniture which are made from natural material, rattan furniture of course becomes kind of favorite choice of furniture which can be found in many houses. People love to apply it on their outdoor area because of it natural look and also durability.

It is true that maintaining furniture from rattan is not so complicated but there are still some opportunities about the rattan material on the furniture which can be stained from dirt. That is why people should do the previous steps from cleaning the stain from their favorite furniture from rattan. Before there is serious stain damage on the furniture, people have to arrange regular cleaning for their furniture from rattan using detergent, water, and soft cloth. Cleaning the stain which is caused by outdoor placement should be done indoor by using varnish or paint.

If there is splitting and cracking problem, people can try using boiled linseed oil or epoxy for treating the damages area before painting or varnishing it.