Rattan is a popular material for rattan furniture, because it’s very strong and durable raw material.  Rattan is easy to weave and shape into various styles. Rattan material is also a very versatile material. Rattan must go through a special process to make them suitable for weaving.

It’s can be used to create wicker, stained or painted like usual wood furniture. To make high quality rattan furniture required special skill. In its natural form, rattan are thick, strong poles. With rattan is  easy to achieve rounded lines that would require lots of cutting and sanding with other woods. Some naturalists like rattan because it blends in with nature. Since the material is able to be painted it is available in many shades and hues.

There are two kinds of materials to make furniture such as bar seats, coffe tables, sofa, etc.

If you consider to lower price for your rattan furniture, but comfortable enough, it’s better you see the synthetic rattan furniture.

The synthetic rattan furniture are cost lest and easier to produce. The process of manufacture is simple. The synthetic rattan furniture is very suitable for outdoors and indoors, because the material are durable and last for many years.  The furniture with synthetic rattan usually combined the metal frames, made from aluminium and synthetic rattan weaving process.  They are very light, and can be carried around easily around the house.

There are so many types of synthetic rattan furniture that is suitable for both outdoors or patio garden furniture and indoors.

Synthetic rattan furniture come in many different colors. This makes it easy for a piece of synthetic rattan furniture to fit into any setting. They models are well known for being cozy and comfortable. Anyone looking to spend a few hours resting in them will not be disappointed. As such, they are most commonly found in places that are meant for relaxation, such as balconies, lobbies, or in someone’s personal relaxation corner.

Synthetic rattan furniture with white colour is wonderful for outdoor entertaining in the summer. Dark rattan is more somber, but looks especially fetching next to spicy red, gold, and orange Indian fabrics. Natural rattan can be paired with green accents or floral patterns to bring the look of the outdoors inside.