Living in a tropical island becomes a lot of people’s dream, however not all people are able to live in a tropical area. One solution is to make us feel like we live in a tropical area. How can we create the atmosphere? It’s a piece of cake. We just need to make our house shade with tropical plants and remove the old furniture with rattan furniture.

Rattan wicker furniture will magically make us feel like we are in a tropical forest because we know that rattan can be easily found in a tropical region. Hence, rattan furniture directly makes us feel close to the nature. This furniture looks simple but in fact it is stylish and the complexity of the weave gives additional value for this furniture. Simple but stylish is the image that rattan furniture want to presents to us. Rattan furniture surely represents the sophisticated of modern life recently.

We may doubt to choose rattan as our furniture because people say that it is not durable. In fact, the furniture is good to use even for years if we know the right maintenance. Furthermore, the price of rattan furniture is more affordable than wooden furniture. Hence, we can create our natural tropical house at limited budget.