Are you decorating and furnishing your new house because you have moved to a new place? Don’t forget to think the outdoor furniture since it will be visible for everyone passing your house. Surely, you want people feel that your house is cozy to relax on a free day. Hence, you have to place the right furniture. So, what constitutes the right outdoor furniture?

Just like the name, outdoor furniture, you are going to put it outdoor. Hence, it will be close to nature. We have to adjust outdoor furniture with the nature and the most appropriate furniture is outdoor wicker furniture. The weave of outdoor furniture wicker will be a good ‘bridge’ between outdoor and indoor – between nature and human civilization where human is no longer live in nature anymore. Some wicker furniture especially the authentic one is not durable with the climate changing, but the synthetic one endures with climate changing, so we don’t have to worry to put it under the hot sunlight and heavy rain alternately.

Spare some of your time to look some woven furniture and you’ll find out that it is like a unity of nature or we can say your garden and your verandah.