Difference of Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Posted on November 5, 2012

Talking about home and furniture which will be applied for interior or exterior design of course becomes very interesting thing for many people because people usually will pay great concern about the best application choice which they should make for their house. Furniture becomes inseparable part for building the best house so the choice of furniture should be considered carefully. At the furniture store whether online or offline, we can see some categories of furniture which becomes favorite including rattan furniture and also wicker furniture.

Some people think that rattan and wicker furniture is the same category of furniture but in fact, this opinion can be totally wrong. Rattan itself is kind of cane plantation which can be found in some tropical countries including Indonesia which is the biggest producer of rattan and furniture made from rattan. It has flexible texture which makes it able to be applied in wicker furniture. Wicker of course will be associated with the way people arranging the furniture material although wicker furniture does not always have to be made from rattan.

This is very basic thing which people have to understand so they will not be tricked when they want to buy furniture from rattan in the wicker furniture section.