When the weather is becoming too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, of course you cannot enjoy on your patio comfortably. Before you retreat for indoor comfort, it is important to protect your patio by covering the furniture by using patio furniture covers because harsh weather such as sleet, hal, ice, snow, and wind and summer sun could damage your outdoor furniture over time. Knowing how much your budget is important to know the best solution for your outdoor furniture. If you have outdoor furniture of standard size, you can get the cover with stock products at reasonable price and good quality. It is better to spend less since you know you will need to replace the furniture covers more often.

But, if you have outdoor furniture that need special order to have custom fit covers, you will better to pay extra more dollars to get patio furniture covers which will last longer in many seasons rather than you replace it often.

To get more protection for your furniture, you need to choose covers, which are durable and waterproof material with soft inner layer that made from 600 denier polyester plus PVC lining. This kind of patio furniture cover is great for harsh weather conditions.