Member of ASMINDO

Furniture producers in Indonesia are represented by ASMINDO, the Indonesian Furniture Industry and Handicraft Association. ASMINDO has been lobbying vigorously for the interests of rattan furniture manufacturers on the national level by opposing Government policy of allowing quota for rattan raw material exports, which are benefiting raw material producers, collectors and traders, but are perceived as a threat by the furniture manufacturers, as the Indonesian raw material is given to competitors in China, Vietnam and other countries.

On a regional level, ASMINDO Komda Surakarta is playing an active role in organizing mainly furniture exporters in the Solo Region and in supporting service provision to member companies.


ASMINDO (Indonesian Furniture Industry and Handicrafts Association)

On the national level, ASMINDO, the Indonesian Furniture Industry and Handicrafts Association, was inaugurated in August 1988. ASMINDO is an independent association with the primary objective to represent and promote the interests of Indonesia’s furniture and handicraft industries. The Association plays an important role as the official furniture body responsible for maintaining a regular dialogue with the government and for consultation with various government agencies and with other private sector representatives, domestically or internationally.

ASMINDO is involved in initiatives to further develop Indonesia’s furniture and handicraft industries, including improving quality control, promotion and marketing. The association has a membership of more than 2000 companies. ASMINDO Komda Solo/ Surakarta On the regional level, ASMINDO Surakarta was established in July 2002. ASMINDO Surakarta has 216 members comprising exporters and manufacturers of wood, rattan, metal and combination material furniture. Members of ASMINDO Solo are from 6 districts and Solo city. They include 62 furniture exporters from Solo city, 9 from Boyolali, 77 from Sukoharjo, 8 from Karanganyar, 10 from Wonogiri, 8 from Sragen, and 42 from Klaten. ASMINDO Surakarta has a secretariat office with 3 permanent staff to support services to members.

The main programs of ASMINDO Surakarta are related to:

  • Marketing and promotion (organizing companies for trade fair participation)
  • Securing raw material supply and financing (warehouse for raw materials, channeling of financial resources provided by the Ministry of Cooperatives and SME to SME subcontractors).

On January 2007, Klaten district was established the new branch of ASMINDO called ASMINDO Komda Klaten.